Winter at The Gulf

This time of year, time tends to slow down, food is warm and comforting, and time together seems more precious when the cooler air comes.

The sun sets a little earlier and The Gulf transforms from a sunny beach destination to an evening beach escape. The fire pits blaze and the soft couch cushions become a place of peace and laughter for families and friends alike. The outdoor heaters and warm string lights create the perfect Gulf ambiance. You can hear the crashing waves and eclectic beach vibe music overhead.

All of this surrounds you, and then the real fun begins!

This season we invite you to share a meal (or several!) with us- let us take you on a culinary journey with our fresh, local menu items. Gulf Seafood, traditional fare, and handcrafted cocktails are sure to tickle your fall fancy!

Not sure where to start? Our locals have donned the Gulf Grouper sandwich the best on the island. Any of The Gulf staff would be happy to tell you their favorites and make recommendations!

To get things started, we suggest a hot buttered rum as you peruse the menu!

The Gulf’s Chef Rob has spent 2 years crafting The Gulf menu. In our most recent interview, he had this to say about his time spent at The Gulf and his passion for creating the winter menu:

“The cooler weather allows us to switch focus from the lighter and brighter summer fare to more comfort foods and deeper flavors! It also gives us a chance to highlight local products and businesses like Bayou Cora Farms, Herb and Pepper Farms, Murder Point Oysters, Bill E’s Bacon, and the Black Garlic Market. We cherish the opportunity to feed our local community while supporting these amazing products at the same time!

My favorite fall/winter recipe of ours so far is our Short Rib Ragu with Gremolata.”

Chef Rob’s Short Rib Ragu with Gremolata


Short Rib Ragu –
1.25 kilogram Boneless Short Rib
57.5 gram Seasoned Flour
25 gram Salt 
425 gram Leek
150 gram Red Onion
105 gram Garlic
150 gram Celery
1 L Cabernet or Red Wine of choice
1 Bouquet Garni 
2 qt Chopped Tomato 
0.5 tbsp Beef Base
1 12oz can of Tomato Paste
1/2 cup Blended Oil

Gremolata –
25.2 gram Italian Parsley
5.7 gram Fresh Lemon Zest
24.8 gram Extra Virgin Olive Oil
0.67 gram Cavenders Greek Seasoning 

Cotija Cheese

In a Mixing Bowl toss Short Ribs and Salt to evenly coat, slowly add Seasoned Flour while continuing to toss to disperse flour. In a Dutch Oven heat Oil, add Short ribs two to three pieces at a time and sear on all sides. Don’t add too many or you’ll steam the meat instead of searing it!
 After all Short Rib has been seared add the vegetables and cook, stirring constantly, until vegetables soften and begin to brown. 

Deglaze with the wine and add the Beef Base and Bouquet Garni, then reduce by half. Add Short Rib back to Dutch Oven, reduce to simmer and cook covered for 3 – 4 hours until meat is falling apart. Remove from heat. Shred meat into the braising liquid.

Roughly chop Parsley and combine with remaining ingredients in a mixing bowl. 

Spoon Short Rib and Sauce over pasta of choice. Garnish with Cotija Cheese and your Gremolata then ENJOY!